Garnet is a powerful, energizing and regenerating stone. It cleanses and re-energizes the chakras. It revitalizes, purifies and balances energy.
It inspires love and devotion . It balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional harmony.
It stimulates the controlled rise of kundalini energy and aids sexual potency.
It fortifies, activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope into seemingly hopeless situation. Crisis is turned into challenge under garnet ‘s influence.
It also promotes mutual assistance in times of trouble.
Psychologically, garnet sha-rpen your perceptions of your-self and others. It dissolves ingrained behavior patterns that are no longer serving you .
Mentally it helps you to let go of useless or old or obsolete ideas.
Emotionally garnet removes inhibitions and taboos. It opens up the heart and bestows self-confidence.

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